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Chancellor of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS)


Professor Ali Bahador, the Chancellor of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS), is a subspecialist of Pediatrics Surgery and the head of the Department of Surgery at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. He completed a fellowship in Pediatrics Surgery at Bristol Children Hospital in London. He is a member of board of trustees of SUMS and the  Iranian Board of Pediatric Surgery. He is also actively contributing to the field of research by publishing large number of books and papers as well as presenting in national and international congresses. To see Prof. Bahador's full profile, you can download his CV from here.




Message from the Chancellor


Being one of the oldest and largest universities in Iran, SUMS has been a recognized center of excellence for healthcare and teaching since its foundation in 1949.Wishing to keep abreast of the increasingly fierce international competition among educational medical centers has made this university committed to be leading in education, treatment and research.

As far as education is concerned, 800 academic staff and 25000 personnel are benevolently dedicated to providing service to around 8000 students in 103 different fields of study who embark upon a journey of pursuing their education which is challenging and rewarding.

As for treatment, every endeavor in 9 Teaching Hospitals and 30 Health Networks has been made to facilitate the medical care centers and hospitals with the state-of-the-art technology and resources in an effort to optimize the efficiency of treatment and fulfill our mission of alleviating human suffering caused by diseases. With regard to research, we are proud of the fact that SUMS, with 46 Research Centers, has been ranked first among universities of Medical Sciences in publishing scientific papers per academic faculty for the last several years.

Shiraz University of Medical Sciences displays a good deal of tradition as well as modernity, aiming at training students, utilizing high-quality education and research. We are glad to welcome international students to our university. We are also interested in developing mutual international cooperation, joint education programs as well as student and faculty exchange with the universities all over the world.


Prof. Ali Bahador, MD


Shiraz University of Medical Sciences



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