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Shiraz Burn Research Center

Shiraz Burn Research Center


Shiraz Burn Research Center




Year founded: 2008

Shiraz Burn Research Center was founded in December 2008 as the first burn center in the country which flourished the idea of establishment of other burn research centers across the country. The Burn Research Center aims at increasing the academic and research activities in prevention, treatment, the rehabilitation of the patients, and examining the side effects and related diseases. The center hopes to take effective steps in raising awareness of the society in prevention and providing new treatments to shorten the treatment period and decrease the side effects of burn injury.


Research priorities

1.Burn epidemiology

  • Burn epidemiology study in different parts of Fars province
  • Determining the risk factors of different types of burns in Fars province
  • Epidemiology of work-related burn injuries in endangered groups in Fars province
  • Self-inflicted burns and their contributing factors in Fars province


2.Burn treatment

  • Clinical trials in examining the efficiency of new treatments for burn injuries and decreasing their side effects

  • Studying new products for decreasing the burn side effects

  • The role of stem cells in the treatment of burn injuries

  • The application of traditional medicine and herbal medicine in treating the burn injuries and decreasing their side effects

  • Assessing microbial risk factors of the infection occurring in burn patients to decrease their death rates

  • Assessing factors affecting resistance to burn wound infections in order to control the infection efficiently

  • Assessing the efficiency of herbal medications in treating the burn wound infections


3.Burn and education

  • Doing KAP survey in burn wounds

  • Interventional studies to increase knowledge about the endangered groups

  • Assessing new approaches for the primary treatment of burn patients in the time of incident


4.Infection in burns

  • Laboratory studies of burns and their side effects on body organs
  • Microbiological studies in burn wounds
  • Studies related to microbial drug resistance and prevention strategies
  • Assessing new approaches to break the chain of infection transmission in burn treatment centers
  • Assessing new approaches to the use of proper antimicrobial drugs for certain infections in burn treatment centers


5.Rehabilitation after burn

  • Studies on health related quality of life of adults after burn injuries
  • Assessing the efficiency of different rehabilitation approaches on the life quality of burn patients
  • Assessing new approaches to rehabilitation to decrease the deformities caused by the burn wounds


6.Nutrition in burn patients

  • Studies related to proper nutrition for burn patients
  • Studies on low-volume high-calorie nutrition which is appropriate for burn patients
  • Interdisciplinary studies on the relation of nutrition, drug response and the function of burn patient’s organs



This center has been the only center in the country which has the clinical records of all burn patients who have referred to the Ghotb Al-din Shirazi Burn Hospital.





Aliakbar Mohammadi, MD

Professor of Plastic Surgery

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Shiraz Burn Research Center

Burn and Wound Healing Research Center, Amiralmommenin Burn and Plastic Hospital, Entrance of Sadra Town, Shiraz, Iran

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Tel.: +98 71 36223418

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