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Financial Aid and Scholarships

SUMS Funds & Scholarships
This page contains some information about SUMS financial aids & scholarships!


SUMS Financial Aid & Scholarships for Undergraduate Programs

(applicable for students admitted in 2024)


The first-year scholarship: Approved by the International Education Council, SUMS admission committee awards a maximum of 15% discount for the prospective international students on their first-year tuition fees (IEC approval is necessary for the scholarships to be awarded for each prospective student).


The annual scholarships from the second year: In order to help international students pursue their education, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences will award a variety of scholarships to the applicants demonstrating outstanding educational skills, academic achievements, and good moral characters. All international students are eligible to apply for these scholarships.





(Scholarship Covers)

Semesters Involved in CGPA Calculation

Type B1

25% tuition fee

2 semesters prior to the application

Type B2

20% tuition fee

2 semesters prior to the application

Type B3

15% tuition fee

2 semesters prior to the application

Type B4

10% tuition fee

2 semesters prior to the application

Type B5

5% tuition fee

2 semesters prior to the application


Family scholarships: According to the latest decision made by the IEC, SUMS Family Scholarships are made available for members of a same family who are attending SUMS programs. Each member is eligible to receive an additional 5% scholarship per year, in addition to their regular financial aid offer. This scholarship is renewable each year as long as at least two members of the same family are attending SUMS programs. This nonretroactive rule is applicable for all eligible students from September 2022.


  • Students should be aware that none of SUMS scholarships cover other expenses such as items of clothing, books, stationaries, food, dining out, etc. University provides fully-furnished dormitories for single undergraduate students. These dorms are free of charge for single students as long as they are enrolled fulltime in their respective programs. 
  • Students must pay for health insurance on a yearly basis, and it is mandatory for all international students to have health insurance. The cost of health insurance for academic year 2024-2025 is 100.00 U.S.D. 


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