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Tuition Fees and Expenses for Academic Year 2021-2022



Although Shiraz is one of the largest cities in Iran, cost of living here is almost affordable. This makes Shiraz a perfect destination for students. However, as an international student, you need to verify that you have the funds for your tuition and living costs during your stay as a student. You might either introduce a sponsor who will pay for your expenses or you will afford the costs yourself.


Table of Expenses


The following is the list of estimated living costs and tuition fee for students admitted to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS). Note that all the following expenses are valid only for the academic year 2021-2022. Please note that ALL expenses including the tuition fee, are to pay in its entirety at the beginning of each academic year.


Table of Expenses

Tuition and Expenses

Payment Amount

(U.S dollar)

Payment Type


 50  Once
First Airport Pickup (Shiraz Airport) 10 Once

Furnished Accommodation*+Utilities**

3500  Yearly*


150  Yearly

Persian Language Courses (if required)

 1768 for 272 hours

English Language Courses (if required)

 2232  for 136 hours

Tuition Fee

Listed in the Following Tables



7710+Tuition Fee


*Please note that SUMS offers accomodation for Winter and Spring semesters ONLY, i.e., students shall pay for accomodation and utilities during the Summer break. It is notheworthy to mention that students who are in their clinical phase of studies and students who take Summer courses are exempt from paying accomodation fee for the Summer break. Moreover, in the event students decide not to leave the Country they shall pay ALL fees, including accommodation, Internet, food, etc.


**All students who are residing in SUMS residence halls receive major utilities including gas, water, and electricity free of charge; however, they are earnestly asked to be considerate of energy conservation and in case of excessive utility usage, they shall satisfy the extra costs reasonably determined by the University.


Note 1: Shiraz University of Medical Sciences will award a variety of scholarships which may lead to the full waiving of the expenses. All international students are eligible to apply for these scholarships. To see complete information regarding SUMS scholarships please click here.


Note 2:  In addition to the living expenses pointed out in the above table (table of expenses) students should be aware that other life expenses (including items of clothing, books, stationaries, food, dining out, etc.) for single students is approximately between 200.00 to 300.00 U.S.D. per month. None of SUMS scholarships cover such expenses.


Tuition Fees


Tuition costs vary depending on the degree program you will be studying. Tuition fees for each program are set out in the tables below:




Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Programs


Degree Programs


Annual Tuition (USD)


 Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

 7 years 7500*


Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D)  6 years 7500*


Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

 5-6 years 7500*


Bachelor's Program

 4 years 4000

* Complying with the new regulations decided by the IEC due to the situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic, the annual tuition fee is waived to the amount of 6000 USD for SUMS new undergraduate students from fall 2022 intake and remains in effect until further notice.



Tuition Fees for Graduate Programs

Degree Programs



Annual Tuition (USD)

Master’s Programs (M.Sc./M.P.H.)

2-3 2000*
Ph.D. Programs 3-5 4000*

Specialty (Medicine and Pharmacy)

3-5 5000
Specialty (Dentistry) 3-5 11000


2-3  5000

                                   *In order to cover bench expenses, 1000$ bench fee will be added yearly to the tuition fee for those programs

                                                                              which include bench work as a part of the program.




Tuition Fees for Non-Degree Programs

Degree Programs



Annual Tuition ($)



Determined by the Department




Determined by the Department

Applicants are eligible for type A scholarship



Short-Term Training Program

Determined by the Department

Determined by the Department


Medical Elective (Clinical Rotation/Internships)

4 to 16 Weeks

625.00 USD per Month

Summer Program

Determined by the Department

Determined by the Department


Tuition and Fees Refund Policy

Students who may decide to withdraw permanently from studies at any point in the academic year will be liable to pay ALL the fees (including the tuition fee, accommodation fee, registration fee, insurance fee, etc.). Moreover, making any changes to your course will have implications on your visa status and such students must leave the country immediately after finishing the check-out process at the Office of Vice Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs (GSIA).


  • The above tables feature annual tuition fees, registration, language courses, living expenses, etc. for the academic year 2021-2022. SUMS is committed to supporting students in any manner possible including the financial matters. We allocate scholarships to students. Any student has the opportunity to apply for a scholarship. You should prove your aptness for receiving a scholarship during your application process. The most qualified applicants will have a higher chance of winning a scholarship.
  • Applicants should be aware that withdrawing from studies at any point of the studies at SUMS, can cost them the whole annual tuition fee as well as relevant fines (such as accommodation, utilities, internet, health insurance, and registration fees) according to the University regulations.
  • The applicants who apply via SUMS' official agents will receive a 5% discount on the first-year tuition fee if admitted to the University. For more information, click here.



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