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Contact International Relations Team

Contact International Relations Team


Directorate of International Relations, Accreditation and Ranking


SUMS Office of the Vice Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs (GSIA) is entrusted with formulating the University’s internationalization policies, recruiting international students, expanding transnational academic relations and ensuring adherence to global higher education standards. The Office is comprised of three directorates: International Education Program (IEP), International Relations, Accreditation and Ranking, and International Networking and Marketing. They operate in concert under the guidance of the Vice Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs  to support his leadership role.

Serving as SUMS primary point of contact with overseas individuals and entities, GSIA’s Directorate of International Relations, Accreditation and Ranking endeavors to enhance the University’s global presence by fostering closer ties with partners and institutions worldwide. To this end, the Directorate is mandated with a variety of responsibilities including:

  • Establishing partnerships with national and international higher education institutions
  • Developing memorandums of understanding (MOUs) and agreements with national and international universities
  • Ensuring the efficient implementation of signed agreements
  • Networking and liaising with overseas tertiary education institutions, research centers and accreditation bodies
  • Facilitating the admission of visiting academics and scholars, and promoting academic exchanges between SUMS faculty members and international academia
  • Coordinating international congresses, conferences, symposia, workshops, seminars and webinars
  • Cultivating collaborations and partnerships with distinguished Iranian professionals residing abroad
  • Identifying and publicizing new funding opportunities, grants, scholarships and fellowships
  • Establishing joint degree programs as well as student and staff exchange initiatives
  • Monitoring and providing reports on SUMS standing in global university ranking systems


International Relations Team


Mehdi Pasalar, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.,

Director for International Relations, Accreditation and Ranking

Tel.: (+98 71) 32 12 28 82

Fax: (+98 71) 32 35 69 96


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