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SUMS Graduate Announcement for Basic Sciences-Ph. D. Program

SUMS Announcement for Graduate Programs: Ph.D.



SUMS Announcement for Graduate Programs: Ph. D.



If you have completed an education level equal to a master's degree and you are planning to enhance your academic life you may want to apply for one of SUMS Ph.D. programs. Public call for applications is now open. Applicants should refer to the Admissions and Financial Aid for more information on the application process, requirements, and financial matters. Below is the list of Ph.D. programs offered by SUMS:


SUMS Schools' Ph.D. Programs

School Ph.D. Program
School of Medicine

Anatomical Sciences


Medical Bacteriology

Medical Biochemistry

Medical Ethics

Medical Immunology

Medical Parasitology

Medical Physiology


Iranian Traditional Medicine 

School of Dentistry Dental Public Health (DPH)
School of Pharmacy

Medicinal Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology




Traditional Pharmacy 

School of Nursing


School of Nutrition and Food Sciences

Nutritional Sciences (Clinical Nutrition)

School of Rehabilitation 

Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)

School of Management and Medical Informatics

Health in Emergencies and Disasters

Health Information Management

Health Services Management

School of Advanced Medical Sciences and Technologies 

Applied Cell Sciences

Medical Biotechnology

Molecular Medicine


Reproductive Biology

Tissue Engineering

School of Health 


Environmental Health Engineering


Occupational Health Engineering

Health Education and Health Promotion

SUMS' Research Centers' Ph.D. Programs

Research Centers Ph.D. Program
Institute for Cancer Research Medical Immunology (Research-based)
Education Development Center

Medical Education (Research-based)

Research Center for Health Sciences (RCHS)

Ergonomics (Research-based)

Medical Entomology and Vector Control (Research-based)

Health Policy Research Center

Health Policy (Research-based)

Biostatistics (Research-based)

Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology (Research-based)

 Nanobiology and Nanomedicine Research Center (NNRC)

Medical Nanotechnology (Research-based)

Medical Parasitology (Research-based)

Allergy Research Center 

Medical Immunology (Research-based)

Infertility Research Center

Medical Immunology (Research-based)

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Research Center

Clinical Biochemistry (Research-based)

Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center 

Pharmacoeconommics and Pharmaceutical Management (Research-based)

Medical Nanotechnology (Research-based)

Toxicology (Research-based)

Anesthesiology and Critical Care Research Center

Social Welfare and Health (Research-based)

Nephro-Urology Research Center

Medical Virology (Research-based)

Social Welfare and Health (Research-based)

Physiology (Research-based)

Transplant Research Center (STRC)

Medical Viorology (Research-based)

Medical Immunology (Research-based)

Molecular Medicine (Research-based)

Hematology Research Center

Hematology and Transfusion Sciences (Research-based)

 Neuroscience Research Center (SNRC)

Neurosciences (Research-based)

Medicinal & Natural Product Chemistry Research Center (MNCRC) Pharmacology (Research-based)
Clinical Education Research Center (CERC) Medical Education (Research-based)
Diagnostic Laboratory Sciences and Technology Research Center

Medical Parasitology (Research-based)

Clinical Biochemistry (Research-based)

Research Center for Traditional Medicine and History of Medicine Iranian Traditional Medicine (Research-based)
Clinical Neurology Research Center

Neurosciences (Research-based)

Medical Mycology (Research-based)

Autoimmune Diseases Research Center

Medical Immunology (Research-based)



Application Deadline: Application to Ph.D. programs are open all year round. Applicants will be notified of the results once the applications are received and assessed at SUMS Office of International Admissions.


Duration of the Program: Between 4.5 to 6 years.





In case your intended program is not listed in the above table, please do not hesitate to contact SUMS Office of International Admissions via:


    Tel.:    (+ 98 71)   32 12 28 84

    Fax:    (+ 98 71)   32 35 69 96


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