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Call for Applications: Research Partnership Grants (Switzerland, 2021)


The Leading House South Asia and Iran (Switzerland) offers a research partnership grant to promote mutual research collaborations with partner institutions in a number of South Asian countries, including Iran. The maximum available grant per project amounts to 35,000 Swiss francs (SFr). The deadline for applications is January 15th 2022, and the official applications must be submitted by Swiss partners via their institutional email address.


The objectives of this research partnership grant are:

  1. Setting the stage for new partnerships
  2. Facilitating the growth and development of existing partnerships (The grants may also be allocated to joint teaching or curriculum development)
  3. Providing support to the new generations of scientists and professionals including those who have finished their Master’s degree, have not finished their Ph.D. yet, and those who have not- more-than 6 years of research experience

Eligibility Criteria

Potential applicants are advised to review and meet the following criteria before submission:

  1. Applications must be submitted by permanent residents of Switzerland. The Swiss partner needs to have permanent employment at a federal or cantonal university, university of applied sciences, university of teacher’s education or any officially recognized research institute in Switzerland as listed in
  2. Applicants are required to have a research project or a joint teaching or joint curriculum development project with an institutional partner in Iran. The institutional partners include the universities or research institutes recognized or accredited by the governments of the partner countries.
  3. The applicant’s collaborator in Iran needs to be a scientist with permanent employment at an Iranian university/institution.
  4. Grant applications must be submitted from applicants’ institutional emails in Switzerland (non-institutional emails will be discarded).

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