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Iranian Chelo Kebab


 Dining at SUMS


At SUMS, meal is offered for a subsidized fee. Lunch is served in the university restaurants on university workdays, i.e. Saturday to Wednesday, which does not include holidays. You should not worry about the holidays and weekends, though. Since our dormitories favor fully equipped kitchens which lets you cook easily. If you have no time to cook, or you simply hate it call a catering service, and they will deliver it to you.


There are still other options for those who enjoy eating out. Several restaurants and fast food restaurants are available all over the city. You have the opportunity to experience a wide range of foods, ranging from traditional Iranian or even ethnic dishes to fast foods and pizzas in those restaurants.

If you like to have a snack, drink a cup of coffee or herbal tea, or spend your time chatting with your friends try a local coffee shop or one in other districts. When you have no time to sit in a coffee shop, and you need take-away snacks or drinks, drop by a snack kiosk or a juice stand.

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