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SUMS Digital Library


When it comes to digital archives, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) has been continuously endeavoring to afford its community a comprehensive online library for medical sciences and allied field of study which is a complementary resource to the services rendered by SUMS physical libraries. SUMS faculty, staff, students, and every individual who is cooperating with SUMS on research projects can have free access to a vast range of scholarly national and international literature and multimedia resources including EBMs, databases, e-Journals, articles, e-Books, multimedia, etc. The Library even offers a digital reference service where anyone can “Ask a Librarian” by providing an email for reply. 



SUMS e-library is created to promote the knowledge of its scholarly community; therefore, the library makes policy to make sure it offers inclusive services and supplies the users invaluable and quality international scientific digital resources which strengthen and develop research and educational activities at SUMS.



SUMS e-library is an integral part of research and education at the University. Its mission is to support the university community via connecting them with scholarly literature, ideas, and information. The library makes persistent efforts to develop its digital collections, facilitate access to information resources, and hold online workshops. Easy and uniform access to current high-quality and valid scientific and medical resources for the users shall be observed.



To implement the library’s mission the following goals are pursued:

  • Developing the process of quick and uniform access to quality, valid, and recent national and international information resources
  • Developing library services for SUMS community
  • Utilizing novel technology for information organization and library service delivery
  • Preparing educational guidelines on how to use the library’s electronic resources


















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