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Mohammad Nemazee

Mohammad Nemazee

Mohammad Nemazee was a successful merchant who founded Nemazee Hospital, a well-equipped teaching hospital in Shiraz, Iran.

Mohammad Nemazee was born in 1896 to a distinguished affluent family in Shiraz, Iran. His father was Mohammad Hassan Nemazee, a well-known businessman. He spent his childhood in India and China and his youth in Shiraz and Tehran until he moved to the U.S. in 1924. He stayed there for many years, though, his love for Iran was ever-present and he returned to Iran in 1944. His return coincided with World War II. The country was suffering from poor economic, sanitary and medical circumstances, then. To express his compassion, this generous wealthy man donated his assets to charity. He made a considerable contribution to the wellbeing of Shirazi citizens by founding two significant infrastructures. Noticing the low quality of Shiraz drinking water at the time, he first devoted his money to the establishment of water supply network in 1952. Later, he gave out his money to the foundation of Nemazee Hospital. He explains his purpose of constructing the above hospital as follows:


“The main objective of developing the Nemazee healthcare center, unlike that of ordinary hospitals, is not to provide a place for patients to rest, rather this foundation is intended to be a center for achieving world’s advanced knowledge of medical sciences and training skilled physicians.”


Below is a list of establishments founded by Mohammad Nemazee:

  • Nemazee Charitable Foundation in Washington (1949)
  • Advanced Institute of Nursing (1953)
  • Shiraz Water supply system (1952)
  • Nemazee Hospital (1955)
  • Nemazee Orphanage
  • Nemazee Vocational School

Mohammad Nemazee is regarded a great example of a philanthropist, reputable for his charitable donations. Many other benevolent individuals have contributed to the prosperity of Shiraz by donating their money, expertise, time, and reputation to the charitable causes.  Shiraz ranks first in terms of Health Charity nationwide. Charitable Fars Health Society has been founded at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) and is supported by the health donators with the intent of delivering health services, including constructing and equipping hospitals and healthcare centers, etc.

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