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Department of Neuroscience, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences Equips with the Advanced Neurocognitive Assessment Platforms of International Standards




According to Dr. Younes Ghasemi, the Dean of the School of Advanced Medical Sciences and Technologies, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, the neuroscience laboratory (NSL-Brain, Cognition, and Behavior) at SUMS is equipped with the advanced neurocognitive assessment batteries and related neurotechnological toolboxes of highest technical standards.

Besides neurotechological assessment and intervention tools at NSL, such neurocognitive online and off-line computerized batteries would exam attention, learning, memory,  emotion regulation and executive functions, Dr. Ghasemi remarked.

This has become operational following interdisciplinary initiatives based on the memorandum of understanding by and between the Department of Neuroscience at SUMS, Shiraz and the Brain and Cognition Clinic at the Institute for Cognitive Science (ICSS), Tehran. According to Dr. Mohammad Nami, Head of the Department of Neuroscience at SUMS, utilizing the CANTAB and CBS-CP assessment tools would enable bilateral shared efforts and initiatives both on steering scientific research and clinical/cognitive neuroscience services at SUMS and collaborating institutions. On the basis of individualized neurocognitive evaluations, cognitive rehabilitation therapy would be optimally designed and rendered in clinical neuroscience context.

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