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Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and the University of Poitiers to Strengthen Bilateral Collaborations



On an official visit to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) on May 11, 2019, the chancellors of the University of Poitiers and SUMS discussed the groundworks to facilitate the possibility of developing a new program at SUMS in cooperation with the University of Poitiers. Both Prof. Yves Jean and Prof. Ali Bahador believe that SUMS features the necessary foundations to offer Forensic Psychology Program, an interdisciplinary program, which demands further cooperation between the School of Medicine, the School of Psychology, and the School of Law.  


Moreover, following up the agreement made between the two universities during the Iranian delegation’s visit to the University of Poitiers, the two universities shall lay the foundations for the mobility of faculty members and the students, Dr. Nasrollah Erfani remarked. He also added that joint research on organ transplant, cancer, infectious diseases in addition to further collaborations and cooperation on health-care treatment, pharmaceutical production and related technology, and radiology are the focus points of the present agreement between the two universities.  


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