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Fars Regional TB Reference Laboratory Comes off with Excellent Performance-The 2019 External Proficiency Testing Program Proves



Fars Regional TB Reference Laboratory is scored as “Excellent” in the 2019 External Proficiency Testing Program. Dr. Abdol-Rasul Hemati, SUMS vice-chancellor for health, announced that the Proficiency Testing Program was held in cooperation with the Swedish Supranational Reference Laboratory theming as Proficiency Testing of Determining Microbiological Susceptibility Regarding First-line TB Drugs. Supplying accurate and reliable results derived from all the sample tests, Fars Regional TB Reference Laboratory’s performance is rated “Excellent” by the test provider, he continued to add.


Fars Regional TB Reference Laboratory is affiliated to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and has obtained several national and international achievements since its inauguration in 2012. The laboratory provides a comprehensive service. This includes direct smear testing, molecular testing, staining, culture, identification, antibiogram testing, susceptibility testing, typing, and PCR.


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