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SUMS 2019 International Student Orientation Program (ISOP)


SUMS 2019 International Student Orientation Program


A 4-day orientation program was held at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) to help new international students with a successful transition to the University. The program was inaugurated on Oct. 14, 2019 and concluded on Oct. 17, 2019.

On the first day of the Program, Prof. Panjehshahin, the representative of SUMS chancellor, gave his speech to address the new international students for an incessant endeavor to apprehend knowledge and enrich their personalities with human moralities. He also encouraged them to become an effective member of the University community benefiting from the restless and generous support of the University’s elite professors and researchers as well as the presence of the most modern facilities and equipment.  


SUMS 2019 International Student Orientation Program


Dr. Nasrrollah Erfani, the Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs (GSIA), as the second speaker maintained, this year, the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for GSIA had received approximately 1000 applications from 38 countries competing for 40 available places. He added, the great number of applications indicates the prestigious place of the University in the region and its constant spread of fame. Offering miscellaneous degree and non-degree programs, the Vice-Chancellery has been constantly developing the University’s international connections through MOUs, agreements, and contracts, he continued. Dr. Erfani concluded his speech mentioning that to strengthen SUMS international cooperation, the Vice-Chancellery is fostering further cooperation with Iranian and non-Iranian scientists of the pre-eminent exotic universities.

The Director of International Education Program, Dr. Elham Nasiri, also, declared, the increasing number of applications and available places had provided the opportunity of giving admissions to topnotch students. Thus, in comparison to the first batch of international students, the students of later intakes could achieve academic excellence and demonstrated better academic progress. 

Further, as the Director of International Networking and Marketing, Maryam Daneshmandi, stated, during the ISOP, the new international students heard presentations from SUMS faculty and staff with many tips for success in Iranian classroom, On-Campus, and in general in the Country. Information provided included:

  • Adjusting to a New Culture
  • Life in Iran
  • On-Campus Living
  • Education System
  • SUMS regulations and administrative system
  • Understanding course schedule
  • Health insurance
  • Counseling Services

To provide an exciting time for the ISOPers to make new friends, make connections on campus, and enjoy all that SUMS has to offer; besides, sports competition was run on the 1st day of the Program. Finally, she remarked that the ISOP concluded on Thursday, October 17, 2019, proceeding with banking procedure and officially registering the new international students.


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