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Prof. Farahnak Assadi from Rush University, Chicago visits the Pediatric Nephrology Ward at Nemazee Hospital


Prof. Farahnak Assadi


Prof. Farahnak Assadi, a pediatric nephrologist from Rush University, Chicago, United States visited the Pediatric Nephrology Ward at Nemazee Hospital.


Prof. Farahnak Assadi, one of the best nephrologists of Rush University, Chicago, United States regularly pays visits to different medical universities in Iran and this time the Pediatric Nephrology Ward at Nemaazi Hospital, an affiliated hospital of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) hosted him for a week.

Dr. Farahnak Assadi is one of the non-resident Iranian elites who has significant and continuous academic collaboration with SUMS and its affiliated polyclinics.

Dr. Ali Derakhshan, the Head of Pediatric Nephrology Department at Nemazee Hospital explained that during Dr. Assadi’s visit, a few meetings and conferences have been held with physician assistants of Nephrology department in which Dr. Assadi talked about IV therapy, chronic kidney failure and the tips to prevent kidney failure. He added that Dr. Assadi participated in some ground rounds at the nephrology ward in addition to attending radiology, urology and nuclear medicine conferences. In these meetings, he also discussed metabolic acidosis and electrolyte disorder as well as metabolic alkalosis and urinalysis.

Dr. Assadi also had a meeting held in the Journal Club in which he talked about his publications on BK virus and Hydrops Fetalis. The result of these discussions was fostering the plans to conduct two continuous joint research projects with SUMS Shiraz Nephrology Research Center.


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