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White Coat Ceremony at SUMS: The First Batch of SUMS’ International Students to Enter the Clinical Phase



Shiraz University of Medical Sciences held the White Coat Ceremony on Jan. 20, 2019.The ceremony was inaugurated by the Dean of the School of Medicine’s speech. Dr. Khosravi, the Dean, congratulated the students on their success in completing the Pre-clinical Phase and their transition to the Clinical Phase. He also explained to them the way they are going to receive training in clinical settings and asked them to become future expert physicians by exposing themselves to a myriad of case studies.



The ceremony continued on with delivering other speeches by respected faculty members among whom Dr. Nasrollah Erfani, the Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, addressed the audience elaborating the activities done in order to internationalize the University. “This year’s ceremony congratulates SUMS’ first international students, who have successfully satisfied the Pre-clinical stage and are trained to pursue clinical studies alongside our 150 Iranian students in the University’s teaching hospitals”, he added. Then, 4 students, 3 Iranian and 1 international, symbolically put the white coat on. The students, finally, took the Hippocratic Oath swearing to elevate scientific expertise and declaring their commitment to patient care and morality.





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