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Educational Rules and Regulations for International Students at SUMS


Educational Rules and Regulations for International Students at SUMS



     On this page you can find a summary of SUMS Educational Rules and Regulations:


  1. Education at SUMS is credit-based.
  2. Each credit includes 17 hrs. of theoretical or 34 hrs. of practical (laboratory) education.
  3. Students need to take minimum 12 and maximum 20 credits in each semester.
  4. If the student’s GPA falls below 12, the student is considered “conditional” and can take maximum 14 credits in the following semester and has to pay tuition to repeat the failed course(s).
  5. If the student is conditional for 3 continuous semesters or 4 non-continuous semesters, he/ she will have to quit education at SUMS.
  6. Taking more than 20 credits (maximum 24) is possible provided that the student’s GPA has been over 17 in the preceding semester.
  7. The students can take maximum 6 credits in summer.
  8. Class attendance is compulsory, but in emergency cases the students can be absent for maximum 4/17 in theoretical and 2/17 in practical courses. The missed sessions can be authorized only by submitting valid documents, otherwise the professor is allowed to reduce the course score. The total course score will be 0/20 if the absent sessions exceed 4/17 in theoretical and 2/17 in practical courses.
  9. Attending the exam (either midterm or final) is compulsory. If the student does not attend the exam but provides authorized valid reason, his course will be dropped. If the student neither attends the exam nor provides authorized valid reason, his/ her score for that exam will be 0. Educational committee will determine whether the provided reason is authorized or not.


Course Add and Drop:


  1. The students can add and/or drop 2 courses in the first two weeks of each semester provided that the credit number does not fall below 12.
  2. Add and drop is not applicable in summer semester.
  3. The student can drop  a theoretical  course after midterm provided that he/ she has not been absent for more than 4/17 and his/her credit number does not fall below 12.
  4. If the student attends the final exam but is unable to take the exam due to his/ her bad health condition, she / he can fill the related form indicating his/ her request for dropping the course. His request will be processed by the educational committee and the course will be dropped if the medical committee approves the provided medical documents.


Comprehensive Basic Sciences Exam:


  1. Entry to the physiopathology stage of education depends on passing the Comprehensive basic sciences exam.
  2. The students can take part in Comprehensive basic sciences exam only when they have passed all courses of basic sciences stage and have acquired a total GPA of 12 or beyond.
  3. The students can repeat Comprehensive basic sciences exam 2 times only.




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