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Currency in Iran




The official currency used in exchanges in Iran is the Iranian Rial although local Iranians express "Toman" in daily payments in lieu of Rial. Each Rial costs one-tenth of a toman, meaning, a 10,000 Rial bill equals 1000 tomans. Considering the official currency, virtually always the prices of goods are written in Rials even though if one asks for the price, the clerk will say it in Tomans. Further, traveler’s checks mostly in 50,0000 and 10,00000 Rial bills are commonly used along with different types of bills as 10,000-20,000-50,000-10,0000 Rial bills. Other than banknote bills, Rial coins are also valid in daily exchanges of which 50,000- 20,000-10,000 and 500 Rial coins are mentionable.





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