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SUMS Profile (2022-2023)





Top Rankings

International Relations



Athletics Program

Significant Achievements & Awards


Although much of what is superlative about Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) cannot be ranked, these statistics and information present SUMS, concisely.



SUMS is located in Shiraz, Fars province*, Iran. View SUMS location here.


* Fars province is located at the south west of Iran and is divide into thirty-seven counties. The healthcare system at Fars province is managed by five medical universities; that is, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, Fasa University of Medical Sciences, Larestan University of Medical Sciences, and Gerash University of Medical Sciences. Each university is in charge of the healthcare system at its appointed counties.



Number of Students (Including International Students)

  • 6721 Undergraduate Students
  • 85 Associate Students
  • 2944 Bachelor’s Students
  • 988 Master’s Students
  • 557 MPH Students
  • 3692 M.D., D.M.D., and Pharm.D. Students
  • 3277 Graduate Students
  • 1022 Specialty Students
  • 103 Subspecialty Students
  • 502 Ph.D. Students
  • 105 Fellowship Students








Popular Fields

Most undergraduate students choose SUMS for our prestigious M.D., D.M.D., and Pharm.D. programs, and a large number of our graduate students are eager to gain knowledge and expertise in the fields of organ transplant, bone marrow transplant, cochlear implant, minimally invasive surgeries, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, and dermatology.   


Class Size

SUMS has built a student community of almost 10,000 people; therefore, students here encounter classes of all sizes. However, the average class sizes remain small, especially during clinical trainings, so as to enhance teachers and students interaction.   


Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 10:1


Faculty Members

Faculty Members by Rank


Faculty Members by Rank

196 Professors (20%)

269 Associate Professors (27%)

495 Assistant Professors (50%)

31 Instructors (3%)

Total: 991






Top Rankings


QS World University Rankings

451–500 in Medicine

In Iran (Medical Universities)

Among the top 5


You can view a complete report of SUMS ranking here.


International Relations

22 International Contracts and MOUs



  • 21 International  Scientific Journals
  • 4592 Other Scientific Publications



Teaching and Research Facilities

  • 17 Schools
  •  55 Research Centers
  •  6 Incubators
  • 14 Teaching Hospitals


Healthcare Facilities

    SUMS Affiliated Hospitals and Clinics

  • 14 Teaching Hospitals
  • 31 Non-Teaching Public Hospitals
  • 6 Public Clinics


Hospitals and Clinics (Located in Shiraz) Supervised by SUMS


  • 14 Private Hospitals
  • 3 Charity Hospitals
  • 7 Miscellaneous Hospitals (hospitals affiliated with government and non-government organizations and foundations)


  • 230 Private Clinics
  • 19 Charity Clinics
  • 22 Miscellaneous Clinics (clinics affiliated with government and non-government organizations and foundations)

 2 Health Centers **  in Shiraz

 28 Health Networks *** (located throughout 28 counties of Fars province)


** These health centers are responsible to supervise rural and urban comprehensive health services centers, health posts, and health houses in Shiraz.


*** SUMS Health Networks are located in twenty-eight counties in Fars province (each of these cities has one health network), and each supervises hospitals, urban and rural comprehensive health services centers, health posts, and health houses throughout the county where they are located.


Campuses and Facilities

  •  Undergraduate Student Housing
  •  Libraries
  •  Study Areas
  • Research Laboratories
  • Sports Complexes
  • Common Spaces
  • Free Computer Pools
  • Dining Halls

Athletics Program

30 men’s sports and 24 women’s sports


Significant Achievements & Awards

  • Performing the world’s first beating-heart tricuspid valve replacement grafting tissue from the patient’s heart (2023).
  • Receiving the Special Award for inventing the under-the-head suction ventilation system in dental units from the Interactive College of Technology, USA, at the INNOVERSE Innovation & Invention Expo (2022).
  • Inventing P28-Vpr chimeric protein with anticancer properties (2022).
  • Producing Central Venous Catheterization Simulator (2022).
  • Developing the Little Hero Maze Game and Little Hero Speech Game (2022): The games are specifically designed for children with developmental disabilities (autism spectrum disorder, speech delay, cerebral palsy, etc.) as a rehabilitation tool to help children improve their comprehension and speaking skills; however, any child can play the games.


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