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Nutrition Research Center


Year founded: 2014

The Nutrition Research Center was founded in 2014 with the support of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences along with the efforts of the professors, students, alumni and the researchers of the nutrition field. The Nutrition Research Center finally received an acceptance, in principle, from the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education in January 2016.


Research Priorities

  • Examining people’s nutritional awareness including awareness about diets, food hygiene and safety, and the role of nutritionists in the prevention and treatment of the diseases
  • Examining the healthy food function including healthy practice of special diets and referring to nutritionists when needed
  • Examining the factors of an unhealthy diet
  • Examining the extent to which people have access to healthy nutrition information (including the nutrition quality index, healthy food stores and chemical, microbial and industrial health nutrition
  • Epidemiologic study to identify the number of people who need nutritional consultant help (examining the prevalence rate of chronic heart diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes and fatty liver in addition to examining the prevalence of growth disorder, obesity, overweightness and emaciation
  • Evaluating the awareness and knowledge of health care professionals about nutritional information and the necessity of referring patients with eating disorders to the nutritionists
  • Examining the relation between dietary patterns and diseases (such as chronic and autoimmune diseases)
  • Examining the role of nutrition in the treatment and the prevention of the diseases (diabetes, kidney disease and heart diseases)
  • Examining the efficiency of psychological discussions on diet therapy
  • Research projects to identify and analyze the micronutrients and nutritional factors effacing people’s health
  • Examining the nutritional needs of Iranians according to their genetics, ethnicity and other influencing factors
  • Reviewing the local food in different parts of Iran to allow the nutritionists to have access to their required information
  • Examining the eating habits and healthy eating index in different groups (children, women, athletes, etc.)
  • Examining the grounds of collaboration with the treatment team, industry, stores and nutritionists





Siavash Babajafari, PhD

Associate Professor of Nutrition

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Contact information:


Nutrition Research Center

10th floor, Mohammad Rasoul Allah Research Tower, Khalili St. Shiraz, Iran

PO Box: 7193635899


Tel.: +98 71 36122206, +98 71 36281407-extension 206

Fax: +98 71 36281638


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