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Hafez Hospital Library



When Hafez Hospital was established in 1963, a part of the hospital was designed for a specialty library. Since SUMS School of Nursing was initially located at the hospital’s building No. 3, the library was set up in the same building and comprised resources required for the program. Later, with the inception of SUMS Psychology Institute at the hospital, materials on psychology and allied fields were added to the collection. Currently, the library's holdings contain collections on rheumatology, gynecology, and obstetrics in addition to the aforementioned subject areas.On an area of 79 square meters, Hafez Hospital Library involves a number of collections of specific types of subjects, a circulation, a computing site, and a reading room.


Facts and Figures

Collections 2133 book titles in Persian (2698 volumes)


1 full-time employees


  • 8 (carrels) seats
  • 8 tables (desks)
  • 1 computing site with 3 internet accessed computer suites



  • 1 printer device


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