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SUMS Admissions Guidelines


As a student at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS), you will have the opportunity to explore your potential skills in the field of medicine through theoretical as well as practical experience that you can gather here. So, in case you are thinking of joining us, here is some useful information which can help you go through the application process easily:


Before You Apply

You can learn about the necessary qualifications an applicant should exhibit and the necessary documents for application to the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences before you start the application process. Please check out that information in the Requirements section, and consider all the requirements prior to your application in order to avoid incomplete application. These documents should be sent with PDF extensions, the maximum size of which should not exceed 3 MB; they should not be locked either.



Application Deadline

Applications to SUMS are open all year round. Applicants are required to submit their applications online. So, any document sent by post will be ignored. Please note that your document materials must reach our office early enough in order for them to be considered in the admission procedure of relevant semester.


How to Apply

We only accept applications submitted online. Please go to the Application Form to begin the application procedure. Once you have applied online, we will review your application closely at the Office of Admissions and inform you about the results through an email. Please note that SUMS does not charge you an application fee at all.


Already Admitted

After being admitted to the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, you will be enrolled to the University. Once you are admitted, have received your visa and entered the country, you will be introduced to the Office of Educational Affairs at the University to complete your registration process and pay the annual tuition fee. Note that withdrawing from studies can cost you the whole annual tuition fee as well as relevant fines (such as accommodation, utilities, internet, health insurance, and registration fees) according to the University regulations.

Each year, the Office of Admissions selects some potential candidates according to their qualifications and distributes the scholarships among them. Please refer to the scholarship section for further information.


Who can apply?

Only non-Iranian students can apply to SUMS International Education Program (IEP).

  •  Important notice: Iranian citizens and Iranian applicants who hold dual citizenship cannot apply to SUMS International Education Program (IEP). They must sit the National Entrance Examination (Konkur). 


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