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Recommendation Letter Template and Instructions



SUMS Recommendation Letter




Dear Admissions Committee, / Dear Director of Admissions, / Dear Admissions Department,


Opening and aim of the letter:

Recommend the candidate by expressions such as “It is a great pleasure to recommend [name of candidate]” for admission to the [program] at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS).


Self-Introduction and the Type and Length of Acquaintance with the Candidate:

As his/her [employer/professor/ teacher], I have known [name of candidate] for the past [number of years].


Cover Candidate’s Qualifications:

List all candidate’s academic and extracurricular activities, as well as key traits (examples: commitment, team work, perseverance, language and computer programming skills) that have made them outstanding.


Affirmative Closure:

Reiterate candidate recommendation and include your contact information.




Referee’s Name


Note: The following Reference Form should also be completed and submitted online.


Please click here to download SUMS Reference Form!



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