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Why You should Choose SUMS!


Are you thinking of applying to SUMS? The following is a list of reasons among many others explaining why SUMS might be the best choice for you:


High-quality Education

Our faculty includes clinical specialists and Ph.D. trained faculty teaching in their areas of expertise. Our curriculum and course content are continually updated to incorporate the latest developments in the profession.


Practical Clinical Training

Front-line clinical experience, in our teaching hospitals is a major component of our undergraduate program. Equipping you to be a confident, effective doctor.


A Supportive Environment

The International Student Support team provides guidance and support through a number of programs and support options, including the Peer Support Program, social activities and information, and individual assistance. 


Cutting-edge Research

All of our programmers are fueled by the latest research carried out within the various schools and research centers.


Extensive Study Support

We have formal tutoring, mentoring and counselling systems to help you overcome study or personal issues. No medical school works harder to help its students last the course.


Small Class Size

A small class size that provides a family-like atmosphere and enables you to have easy access to dedicated teaching faculty.


Unique Approach to Research and Learning:

We aim to produce responsible, ethical and reflective medical practitioners who know how to communicate and manage patients effectively. Our unique course structure brings students together at different stages of their training. By working collaboratively, you will develop the teamwork skills essential for a career in medicine – and make connections that will last well into your professional life.


Quality, Low Cost Living

The cost of living in Shiraz is much lower compared to other major cities in Iran. Students will enjoy more affordable accommodation, living and entertainment costs in a quality environment that is ideal for studying, learning and experiencing life in Iran.


Wonderful Shiraz

Shiraz a fantastic city in which to be a student. Shiraz can be visited for a diversity of purposes. You can find history, religion, culture and nature all in here. People in shiraz are famous for their hospitality. Shiraz has a friendly, welcoming vibe.



SUMS is among top 3 Medical Universities in Iran