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School of Pharmacy Library


Following the establishment of SUMS School of Pharmacy in 1990, its library began providing services to SUMS students, staff, and faculty in a 268 square meter facility. In-person and remote library instruction and consultations have always been a core component of the services provided by the Library’s trained staff members. Owing to their tireless endeavors, the School of Pharmacy Library has brought together a rich diversity of specialized study materials on pharmaceutical biotechnology, clinical pharmacy, traditional pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, toxicology, nanotechnology and drug quality control. In addition, the collection comprises a limited number of resources in different subject areas of theology, computer sciences and literature.


Facts and Figures


  • 2284 book titles in Persian (4982 volumes)
  • 2155 book titles in English (3853 volumes)
  • 1809 thesis dissertations
    • 1693 in Persian
    • 116 in English
  • 403 reference book titles (900 volumes)
    • 70 titles in Persian (250 volumes)
    • 333 titles in English (650 volumes)
  • 328 e-books
  • E-journals 
  • Online databases 
  • Open access journals


  • 2 gender-specific reading rooms (a 41.80 sqm room for male students and a 42.75 sqm room for female students)
  • 73 seats
  • 47 tables (41 of which are individual tables) 
  • 2 computers with access to library search engines

Opening Hours

Saturday – Wednesday: 7:45 am - 2:45 pm


School of Pharmacy Library
Karafarin St., km 5 of Isfahan-Shiraz Road,
Shiraz, Iran
Postal Code: 71468-64685



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