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Shahid Chamran Hospital

Shahid Chamran Hospital


With a total area of 19879 square meters, Shahid Chamran Hospital was founded in 1952. The Hospital encompasses a wide range of specialty and subspecialty orthopedic care covering everything from sports injuries and musculoskeletal trauma to joint replacement surgeries and osteoporosis. The Hospital is a recognized leader in hip joint replacement and is considered a referral center for patients with Malignant Sacral Tumors in the region. The team of experts at Shahid Chamran Hospital has made significant contributions to the advancement of orthopedic treatments in the Country. Besides, the orthopedic ward and rehabilitation ward at the Hospital work closely with the neurology ward to ensure that each patient receives optimal surgical and medical therapy for their condition. With acute attention to patient safety and a high volume of patients, Shahid Chamran Hospital has a great track record of success.

Hospital Type

Orthopedic & Neurology Teaching Hospital

Hospital Ranking and Rating Score

Rating: A

Specialty and Subspecialty Wards

Specialty Wards

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Neurosurgery

Subspecialty Wards

  • Rehabilitation
  • Psychosomatic


  • Palliative Medicine Clinic

Distinctive Services and Equipment

  • Hip Joint Replacement
  • Cell Salvage Machine
Ancillary Services
  • MRI
  • Bone Densitometry
  • ECOG
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy


Number of Beds

Number of Approved Beds: 300

Number of Active Beds: 265


Row No. Inpatient Wards Number of Active Beds
1 Orthopedics 1 20
2 Orthopedics 2 18
3 Orthopedics 3 26
4 Orthopedics 4 30
5 Orthopedics 5  
6 Neurosurgery 24
7 Rehabilitation  
8 Psychosomatic  


Row No. Outpatient Wards Number of Active Beds
1 ICU  


Number of Staff by Wards


Row No. Number

Number of Staff by Gender

1 Orthopedics 1 14
2 Orthopedics 2 11
3 Orthopedics 3 16
4 Orthopedics 4 17
5 Orthopedics 5  
6 Women’s Orthopedics  
7 Neurosurgery 20
8 Rehabilitation  
9 Psychosomatic  


Hospital Contact Details

Hospital CEO: Dr. Seyed Ali Hashemi 

Tel.: (+98 71) 36 24 01 01

Fax: (+98 71) 36 23 45 07

Address: Chamran Blvd., Shiraz, Iran, 7198415644

For more information please visit Shahid Chamran Hospital Official Website.




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