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Housing Rules and Regulations



University students are regarded as the future pivots of scientific, cultural and social development of the human nation; thus, to support the presupposition, every residence hall at SUMS is ambitious to provide an active community environment in which the students can develop their social maturity. At SUMS, residence hall life plays an effective role in fortifying the student’s academic performance, and self-understanding. 

To call it home, each residence hall helps the students adjust to campus life by experiencing a gratifying ambience and involving in community connections which provoke delight in addition to physical and spiritual tranquility. Further, to reduce disturbing factors affecting students’ studies as well as physical and spiritual relief, safety is emphasized by University residence halls and necessary appliances are provided as well, but the cooperation and understanding of the students are demanded to guarantee favorable results. Therefore, as for facilitating and fostering life qualities in SUMS’ residence halls, providing safety and inducing self-confidence, the following rules and regulations have been compiled reinforcing the feature of responsibility assumption as well as reflecting individual and group rights.





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