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Mohammad Nemazee


Mohammad Nemazee: An Iconic Benefactor of Shiraz

Mohammad Nemazee was born in 1896 to a distinguished affluent family in Shiraz, Iran. He was a successful merchant and is regarded as a great example of a philanthropist, reputable for his charitable donations. His Charitable establishments include a Charitable Foundation in Washington (1949), Advanced Institute of Nursing (1953) in Shiraz, Shiraz Water supply system (1952), Nemazee Hospital (1955), Nemazee Orphanage and Nemazee Vocational School in Shiraz as well. He made a considerable contribution to wellbeing of the citizens of Shiraz by founding two significant infrastructures. Noticing the low quality of drinking water in Shiraz at the time, he first devoted his money to establishing a water supply network which met the requirements of the day. Later, he spared his money to the foundation of Nemazee Hospital to be a well-equipped teaching hospital in the region. “The main objective of developing Nemazee Healthcare Center, unlike that of ordinary hospitals” as he also believed, “is not to provide a place for patients to rest, rather this foundation is intended to be a center for achieving world’s advanced knowledge of medical sciences and training skilled physicians.”

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