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Rehabilitation Sciences Research Center


Year founded: 2005

The Rehabilitation Sciences Research Center was established in 2005 in honor of the late Dr. Mohammad Reza Alavian Ghavanini who made significant efforts towards the establishment of the Research Center. Although the Rehabilitation Sciences Research Center started its activity in 2005, it was not until 2017 that it received agreement in principal from the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education and it is now actively contributing to the field with its cutting-edge research.


Research priorities:

  • The role of rehabilitation in prevention, evaluation and the treatment of non-communicable diseases
  • Evaluation of the rehabilitation services in accidents
  • The role of rehabilitation in prevention, evaluation and the treatment of elderly issues
  • Advanced biomechanical evaluation and computer-based modeling of the skeletons and muscles
  • Design and production of rehabilitation equipment including prosthesis and orthotics
  • Evaluation of the treatment and rehabilitation in the field of women’s health
  • Occupational therapy interventions in mental health




Amin Kordi Yoosefinejad, PT, PhD

Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy

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Contact information:


Rehabilitation Research Center

1st Abiverdi St., Chamran Boulevard, Shiraz, Iran

PO Box: 71947-33669


Tel.: +98 71 36271551

Fax: +98 71 36272495


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