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Mohammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) Research Tower


Mohammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) Research Tower


Mohammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) Research Tower is the central research complex of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) which is aimed at promoting and benefitting research activities at SUMS and other universities and research centers across Iran. The construction of the tower, which is currently the location of 23 different research centers, Cancer Central Laboratory and Registration Center, RCC Research Empowerment Center, Comprehensive Stem Cell Center and Regenerative Medicine Institute, Research and Statistics Consulting Center, Basic Medical Science Research Center, and Clinical Research Center, commenced in 2005.



Objectives and visions of the strategic research development plan of the complex include:

  • Leading an effective role in conducting novel and innovative research projects
  • Consolidating SUMS position as an effective international institution in science, technology, research, and education
  • Institutionalizing the practice of collaborative research
  • Internalizing the values of scholarship in teaching, learning, and practice
  • Supporting joint research projects with eminent national and international research and science institutions
  • Promoting social health in the Country
  • Building a culture of Excellence



  • Integrating all SUMS affiliated laboratories and research centers in one place
  • Collective and shared use of resources and equipment by research centers
  • Leveraging available key resources
  • Locating the administration office and research centers in the same building
  • Facilitating collaborative and cooperative research activities among research centers and laboratories 
  • Saving costs including, but not limited to, human resources, equipment, and maintenance
  • Generating solutions to the problems of SUMS research centers
  • Converging basic and clinical sciences to meet the needs of patients
  • Developing the clinical practice of stem cells and practical use of its related technology
  • Fostering the attraction of funds
  • Equitably appropriating funds to research centers and supervising the distribution of finances to their research enterprises
  • Training future researchers in basic and clinical research
  • Creating synergy between SUMS researchers and practitioners
  • Improving on the quality of research
  • Reinforcing collaboration among SUMS researchers
  • Providing necessary equipment and facilities demanded for high performance
  • Supporting interdisciplinary research
  • Supervising, inspecting, and evaluating all research activities carried out at all 68 research centers of SUMS
  • Assisting in the administration, organization, and program planning of research centers
  • Ensuring greater coordination between research centers and SUMS administration units
  • Formulating and implementing infection prevention and control rules and occupational safety and health regulations
  • Organizing Educational workshops
  • Holding consultations about scientific and research projects with SUMS research centers


Research Centers at Mohammad Rasoolullah (PBUH) Research Tower

  1. Nutrition & Nutritional Sciences Research Center     
  2. Research Center for Qur’an, Hadith & Medicine         
  3. Nanobiology Research Center
  4. Clinical Neurology Research Center
  5. Geriatric Research Center
  6. Maternal-Fetal Medicine Research Center
  7. Neonatal Research Center
  8. Medical Imaging Research Center
  9. Anesthesiology & Critical Care Research Center
  10. Infertility Research Center
  11. Stem Cell Technology Research Center
  12. Cardiovascular Research Center
  13. Allergy Research Center
  14. Gastroenterohepatology Research Center
  15. Endocrinology & Metabolism Research Center
  16. Transplant Research Center
  17. Hematology Research Center
  18. Colorectal Research Center
  19. Neurosciences Research Center           
  20. Nephro-Urology Research Center
  21. Clinical Microbiology Research Center
  22. Research Center for Biophilosophy & Healthy Lifestyle
  23. Non-communicable Disease Research Center


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