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Dr. Gharib Library

Situated within the premises of SUMS Namazi Hospital, Dr. Gharib Library started its activities simultaneously with the establishment of the hospital. In its early years, the library featured a collection primarily focused on fiction materials, catering to the needs of the hospital's staff, patients, and caregivers. Presently occupying an expanse of 600 square meters on the hospital's first floor, Dr. Gharib Library operates ceaselessly to serve the institution's physicians, residents, interns, and clinical trainees.


Access to the library's services is extended to the administrative personnel and nurses upon official referral. The library's extensive resources encompass a broad spectrum of medical disciplines. In instances where articles are unavailable, they can be procured upon request, with electronic versions promptly dispatched to users' email addresses. Moreover, to enhance users' proficiency in navigating diverse databases, the library conducts a series of year-round workshops, facilitating the acquisition of proper search methodologies. 


Facts and Figures



3 full-time employees


  • 2 gender-specific reading rooms (a 200-square-meter room for male students and a 100-square-meter room for female students)
  • 1 common study area (300 square meters)
  • 122 seats
  • 111 tables
  • 1 computer lab with 9 computer suites

Opening Hours

Saturday – Thursday 7:00 am – 08:00 pm


Namazi Hospital, Dr. Gharib Library

Namazi Sq., Zand Blvd.

Shiraz, Iran



Tel.:     +98(713) 6473052

+98(713) 6125673



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