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Registration to SUMS

Registration to SUMS


Documents needed for undergraduate students registration:

You are required to carry the following documents in addition to the payment of the tuition fee upon your arrival in Shiraz, in order that we can register you during the orientation program. It should be noted that your documents must be translated to English and certified by the Iranian Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

1. High school diploma (translated in English and certified by the Iranian Consulate/Embassy)

2. High school transcript of records (translated in English and certified by the Iranian Consulate/ Embassy)

3. Passport and the copy of main pages

4. 6 pieces of 3*4 sized photos



Important notice: Please note that all your documents are needed to be certified (signed and approved) by:

  •   The institute which has issued the degree
  •   The Ministry of Education of your country
  •   The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country
  •    Iranian Consulate/Embassy in your country


Please keep in mind that all your documents should be original or the copies must be proved same as original. For the documents that are not in English or Persian, the English translation which is approved by a notary public should be also attached to the original documents.


You can download SUMS Registration Form from here!



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