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Vesal Museum of Medical Sciences History



Vesal Museum of Medical Sciences History commenced its activities in 2012 in the Nemazee Behboudestan building. Nemazee Behboudestan was considered as one of the modern health centers in old times, founded by Dr. Mohammad Nemazee, the greatest philanthropist in Shiraz.  In 2014, when Dr. Abdolvahhab Nourani Vessal decided to dedicate his historical house for the Medical Sciences History, the Museum moved to this new site after the repair and historical restoration of the house. The Museum was then named Vesal Museum of Medical Sciences History after Dr. Abdolvahhab Nourani Vesal.

The main mission of the Museum is to identify and collect ancient medical instruments, old documents and books in medical sciences, introduce the Museum and the history of medical sciences in Fars province to the freshman students and the staff and conduct research on medical history.  

The Museum owns three treasuries of medical history, art and culture. The treasury of medical history has 68 medical instruments. The art treasury holds two exquisite miniature paintings and more than 200 crystals, brass and engraved pottery from the Sasanian empire to the Pahlavi dynasty.  The treasury of culture keeps many coins from different historical eras.


Different Parts of the Museum

The Museum hall, the public hall and the library hall are the three halls of Vesal Museum. The Museum hall keeps the historical items, the public hall which has a capacity of 40 people is an appropriate place for workshops or cultural events and the library hall has more than 3000 books in the field of literature, history and religion. The Museum also has some other spaces including document repository, workspace and research room. 


Vesal Museum Contact Information


Vesal Museum of Medical Sciences History, in front of alley 36, East Mirzaye Shiraz St., Ghasrodasht St., Shiraz, Iran – PO Box: 71877-64735

Phone: (+98 71) 36 25 32 02