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School of Paramedical Sciences



SUMS School of Paramedical Sciences is founded in 1987 to deliver job-oriented para- medical training so as to produce industry-ready para-medical professionals. It emphasizes delivering quality education with constant hands-on training to develop specialized skills to the group of students who are willing to be part of the healthcare delivery system. Since its founding, the School shares this philosophy and commitment to incessantly strive to foster an active and rigorous teaching and learning environment that represents a diversity of perspectives, experiences, and approaches to engage in ongoing systematic and focused efforts to attract and retain students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds. From 1987 to 1991, the school offered professional doctorate and associate’s degree programs in Medical Laboratory Sciences. Since 2000, the associate’s degree in Laboratory Sciences has been transferred to Gerash Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences. The school also ran associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in Radiology available through daytime courses in 1991 and evening courses in 1996.

The Schools’s distinguished faculty includes more than 38 full- and part-time researchers, who have made pioneering contributions in the areas of paramedical sciences. Currently, the School encompasses 475 students who receive specialized training in seven different departments which are the Departments of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Radiology, Computer Sciences, English Language, Persian Language and Literature, Physical Education, and Medical Journalism.  Students enrolled in paramedic training programs can complete daytime or evening bachelor’s and master’s programs. These programs give students a thorough grounding in science, physiology and anatomy, advanced life support, and pre-hospital care. Medical Laboratory and Radiology programs for paramedics typically include clinical training which prepares students for further training in their related fields.



As for the year of 2022, the following programs are offered by SUMS School of Paramedical Sciences:


Program Name

B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D.

Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Programs Exists at SUMS    

Medical Biotechnology

  Program Exists at SUMS  

Medical Journalism

  Program Exists at SUMS  

Radiation Technology 

Program Exists at SUMS    

Radiobiology and Radiation Protection

  Program Exists at SUMS  




Campus Facilities

All the students enrolled at the School of Paramedical Sciences can benefit from all the available facilities and amenities at SUMS; however, the following educational and Recreation and Welfare Facilities are exclusively provided for them by this School:


Educational Facilities

  •  Bio Bank: A huge array of DNA and serum samples from patients and normal individuals and an excellent resource for research and collaboration at the national and international level
  •   Facilities for nucleic acid amplification: Several high technology thermal cyclers for DNA amplification, optical densitometer for determining DNA/protein concentration in the extracted samples. Also, a computer-connected Gel-Documentation system with UV light to detect the dye-incorporated amplified DNA. Different subtypes of PCR are routinely run at the institute
  • Cell and tissue culture facilities: Three fully equipped rooms with high technology incubators, hood, and other equipment required for cell culture
  • Flow cytometry: Three color flow cytometer (red ion laser, 488 nm) equipped with a sorter for cell characteristics analysis. Cell cycle analysis and apoptosis study by applying the second laser in the near future. The four-color study of the cells will be possible soon
  • Real- time PCR: A high technology Real time PCR system for quantitative study of gene expression and real detection of DNA amplification
  • Facilities for gene transfer into prokaryotic & eukaryotic cells: Transformations in prokaryotic hosts, Transformation in eukaryotic cells using electroporation and lipofection calcium-phosphate methods etc., Viral transduction using adenovirus vectors
  • Proteomics set: IEF cell with 2nd dimension- PAGE cassette. Also, densitometer and Prodigy software for 2DE gels-analysis and comparison
  • HPLC system: A high technology preparative HPLC system for protein purification purpose
  • Others: DNA and RNA extraction from cells and tissues, Deionized and distilled water producing system, several simple and refrigerated centrifuges and micro-centrifuges, ELISA and Plate Readers, Sonicator system, etc.


  • Parasitology Laboratory, located at Shahid Faghihi Hospital
  • Microbiology Laboratory, located at Shahid Faghihi Hospital
  • Hematology Laboratory, located at Shahid Faghihi Hospital
  • Biochemistry Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences
  • Virology Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences
  • Immunology Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences
  • Radiobiology Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences 
  • Dosimetry and Radiation Protection Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences
  • Quality Control Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences
  • Radiology Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences
  • Computer Stimulation and Imaging Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences
  • Physics Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences
  • English Language Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences
  • Computer Laboratory, located at the School of Paramedical Sciences


Recreation and Welfare Facilities

  •    Gym
  •    Library & Information Center
  •    Internet Access
  •    Cafeteria
  •    Self-Service Restaurant
  •    Book store
  •   Copy & Print Center
  •   Praying Room
  •   Halls
  •   Parking Lot (for Faculty & Staff)
  •   ATM



Contact Details

Dean:  Dr. Sedigheh Sharifzadeh

Tel.: (+98 71) 32 27 02 38 - 40

Fax: (+9871) 32289113

: Address

Address: School of Paramedical Sciences, Opposite Homa Hotel, Meshkinfam St., Shiraz, Iran

Zip Code: 7134814336



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