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Vice-Chancellery for Health Affairs


In cooperation with seven other vice-chancelleries of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS), the Vice-Chancellery for Health Affairs has been constantly endeavoring to promote population health care, improve health care parity, and sustain Iran’s health care system. When Iran’s Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education introduced reforms in the Country’s health sector in 2014, Fars province was announced to be among the first pilot areas to administer the health care reformation. Therefore, SUMS made the Vice-Chancellery for Primary Health Care responsible to organize, regulate, plan, assess, guide, and supervise the implementation of the reformed health policy. As a part of the novel health care program, under the direct supervision of the Vice-Chancellery, Fars became the first province in Iran where family physician program was launched. Currently, the Vice-Chancellery conducts the largest health network in the Country. Its nine administration units plan, lead, manage, and evaluate programs administered by health networks throughout Fars province.  

Key Task Responsibilities Are to:

  • Control and prevent Regional contagious and non-contagious diseases
  • Create epidemiological maps
  • Develop short-term and long-term operational plans pursuant to Iran’s health policy and communicate them to all provincial health networks of Fars province.
  • Manage and organize executive plans for looking after children, neonates, nursing mothers, and pregnant women
  • Monitor environmental sanitation including public places, sewage disposal, rubbish disposal, and food business places such as takeaways, restaurants, cafes, et cetera, as well as measure and observe environmental pollutions, water quality, and air quality
  • Monitor and control occupational risk factors
  • Promote education about health and wellness and train people to pick up a healthy lifestyle
  • Equip and finance SUMS health networks and provide them with technical and administrative support
  • Price and supply the required medicines, biologic materials, and medical equipment of SUMS affiliated units
  • Supervise and assess all technical, administrative, and financial activities of SUMS affiliated units
  • Program and follow up student health care plans and coordinate with Fars Department of Education on the issue
  • Prepare and follow up mental health plans, public health-care plans, and addiction control programs
  • Manage community nutrition optimization plan to reform people’s eating habits and food basket
  • Manage the received data and statistics from SUMS health networks
  • Identify and categorize sanitation problems and their germane technical and administrative difficulties prevailing in the society
  • Develop and reform healthcare units according to population distribution and the public’s ease of access to healthcare services
  • Develop community-oriented medicine (community medicine) in Fars province
  • Conceive, conduct, and cooperate in innovative national and regional research projects
  • Garner and study health centers’ activity reports and prepare the results of the survey to be reported to the responsible authorities
  • Supervise performance (administrative) units cooperating in creating and programming the network system of health care services  
  • Cooperate with other SUMS vice-chancelleries, as well as national NGOs and government agencies involved in the health sector
  • Develop software and hardware infrastructures of electronic health care services
  • Engage people in health care
  • Develop Iran’s electronic referral system
  • Increase the private sectors’ share in offering health care services
  • Speed up the identification of patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, et cetera) and provide them with the required health care services
  • Foster safe workplace environments
  • Improve workplace health and safety
  • Annually accredit health care facilities against international benchmarks
  • Update health care providers’ knowledge


Directorates and Units

  • Directorate for Health Network Development and Health Promotion
  • Directorate for Family Health, Population, and School Health
  • Directorate for Mental Health, Public Health, and Addiction Control
  • Unit of Contagious Disease Control and Prevention
  • Unit of Non-Contagious Disease Control and Prevention
  • Unit of Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Unit of Health Care Education and Promotion
  • Unit of Oral Health
  • Unit of Community Nutrition Improvement
  • Unit of environmental Health and Safety
  • Unit of Occupational Health and Safety
  • Unit of Health System Research (HSR)
  • Unit of Statistics and Computer Information Systems
  • Unit of Laboratory Affairs
  • Unit of Drug Affairs



Abbas Rezaianzadeh, Ph.D.

Address: 4th Floor, Administration Building of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Zand St., Shiraz, Iran

Zip Code: 71348-14336

Tel.: (+98 71) 32 12 27 25- 6


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