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Vice-Chancellery for Education


In order to implement, plan, and supervise academic affairs, in 1994, SUMS Vice-Chancellery for Education started its activities with 4 directorates, including the Office of Registrar, the Directorate of Graduate Studies, the Office of Continuing Medical Education, and the Center for Studies and Medical Education Development. The Vice-Chancellery for Education provides effective academic services to students, faculty, and staff, gives strategic academic support and impetus to SUMS education policies, and endeavors to foster the quantity and quality of educational activities at the University. 


Key Task Responsibilities Are to:

  • Compile, suggest, and supervise the administration of the general principles of educational programs
  • Communicate with Iranian and non-Iranian Institutions of higher education
  • Review plans/projects/programs on the alteration, amelioration, or development of SUMS curriculum
  • Supervise the Vice-Chancellery’s subordinate units and monitor their implementation of duties and responsibilities
  • Conduct faculty affairs (recruitment, grade level promotion, faculty rank promotion, preferment, etc.)
  • Compile and compose academic regulations and oversee their implementation
  • Evaluate, elect, and announce “Top Scholar Faculty”
  • Monitor the implementation of the Counselling Professors Program
  • Conduct the affairs of SUMS teaching hospitals’ chief representatives of Education
  • Achieve the permit to stablish/offer new study programs (major)
  • Monitor the academic status of the scholars
  • Monitor “Educational Missions” 
  • Award several scholarships 
  • Recruit expert staff (researchers) (specialists)
  • Conduct research on SUMS medical education  
  • Boost SUMS medical education
  • Offer and compile novel educational programs and novel educational assessment
  • Plan and administer (SUMS) Clinical Competency examination
  • Administer Comprehensive Exams and other national exams of different majors
  • Perform SUMS educational services
  • Educational Monitoring of all SUMS programs
  • Plan and administer theoretical and practical programs for both students and alumni
  • Research, develop, and Administer SUMS online and distance education programs
  • Process registration and graduation
  • Administer the awarding of degrees
  • Issue academic records, academic transcripts, and enrollment verifications


Directorates and Affiliated Offices

Currently, approximately 148 staff attempt to accomplish SUMS academic mission within the following directorates at the Vice-Chancellery for Education:

  •  Office of Registrar
  •  Directorate for Graduate Studies
  •  Center for Studies and Medical Education Development
  •  Office of Continuing Medical Education
  •  Directorate for Faculty Members Affairs
  •  Center for Clinical Skills (Assessment and Education)
  •  Secretariat for Educational Evolution
  •  Directorate for SUMS Counselling Services
  •  School of Distance Learning and the Scientific hub of E-Learning
  • The Office of Gifted and Talented


Contact Details:

Mohsen Razeghi, Ph.D.

Address: 6th Floor, Administration Building of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Zand St., Shiraz, Iran

Zip Code: 71348 -14336

Tel.:(+98 71) 32  33 20 93



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