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Dear prospective students,


Thanks for your interest in attending Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS). In order to make a successful application, please read the FAQ section prior to the application in addition to the step-by-step application guides during the application procedure thoroughly. The following is a list of questions which you might encounter while you are applying to or after being admitted to SUMS. If you could not find the answer to your questions, please feel free to contact us through the "Your Comments" section at the bottom of this page.




    1. What stuff should I take with me from my country?
    • You can have access to almost all facilities you might need. However, in case you consume a certain medication take it with you. You might also like to take some personal belongings with you. 

      **Please note that the possession or use of illegal and psychedelic drugs and related stuff is forbidden. Violation of this rule will lead to severe legal consequences. Should you carry unusual or local medications, we recommend that you contact the Iranian Embassy in your country to confirm the status of your medication before departing and upon your arrival to Shiraz, inform the university authorities about your medication. Students are liable for the illegal drug importation or possession, while SUMS will not assume any responsibility for this violation of the law by the student. 

    2. Are there any orientation programs, in which we are familiarized with the environment?
    • New students orientation programs are held at the beginning of each semester after students' arrival to help them get to know the university, city and the relevant administrative work.

    3. What sort of accommodation do you offer?
    • Single students are guaranteed furnished dormitories. The married students can find suitable houses, or apartments all over the city.

    4.What do I do and where do I go when I arrive in Shiraz?
    • If you are arriving in Shiraz for the first time you are eligible for a free airport pick-up to take you to your accommodation. however, you must inform us about the date and time of your arrival to Shiraz via e-mail. to do so please send us  a scanned copy of your air ticket to

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