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First Specialty Exhibition of Medical, Therapeutic, and Health Services and Medical Tourism to be Held on November 23-26, 2022



More than seventy healthcare providers and healthcare suppliers, including public and private hospitals, specialty and sub-specialty clinics, laboratories, physiotherapy and imaging centers, medical tourism facilitator companies, health-oriented food producers, and Iranian traditional medicine health centers are going on an exhibition to showcase their healthcare services and introduce their achievements. The main themes on which the exhibitors will focus are as follows:

  • Modern Medical, Therapeutic, and Health Services
  • Healthy Eating and Health-Oriented Food Products
  • Latest Scientific Achievements and Novel Technologies in Medicine
  • Developing and Fostering a Culture of Traditional Iranian Medicine
  • Developing Medical Tourism

Sponsored by the Office of the Governor-General of Fars Province, Fars Province Industry, Mine, and Trade Organization, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, and Shiraz Medical Council Organization, this exhibition will be held at the Permanent Exhibition Venue for International Fairs, Golestan Town, Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran on November 23-26, 2022 from 14:00 to 20:00.

At the same venue and at the same time, another exhibition, the Fifteenth Specialty Exhibition of Medical, Dentistry, Hospital, and Rehabilitation Equipment, and Pharmaceutical Industries, will be launched. This side exhibition will be attended by over a hundred Iranian manufacturers.

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