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Afghan and Pakistani Health Officials Meet with SUMS Representatives to Discuss Scientific Exchanges



Senior officials from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) met with healthcare delegations from Afghanistan and Pakistan to discuss the development of scientific collaborations.


Speaking after the meeting, Dr. Mahmoud Nejabat, the Senior Advisor to the Chancellor of SUMS, pointed to Shiraz’s position as a medical hub in Iran and the wider region, stating that the city has long maintained scientific and medical relations with overseas universities and scientific centers, especially those in neighboring countries.



Referring to the Iranian government's emphasis on the priority of cooperation with neighboring countries, Dr. Nejabat added: “During this meeting, discussions were held with Afghan and Pakistani health officials to promote cooperation in a number of areas including student exchanges with the two countries, scientific interactions and health tourism”.


He further remarked that expanding ties with other countries would be conducive to the promotion of Iranian culture, awareness of Shiraz’s medical capabilities and development of health tourism.


The meeting took place on the sidelines of the First Special Exhibition on Medical and Therapeutic Services, and Health Tourism, and the 15th Exhibition on Medical Equipment.

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