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Successful Thoracic Aortic Repair Conducted at Nemazee Hospital
Thoracic Aortic Repair
A team of SUMS surgeons and experts from Nemazee Teaching Hospital and Shahid Rajaee Trauma Hospital conducted a rare surgery to repair a 27-year-old patient’s thoracic aorta artery. The team included Dr. Hamed Ghoddusi Johari, SUMS subspecialist in vascular surgery, Dr. Dehghanpishe, SUMS subspecialist in cardiac anesthesiology, and Dr. Masjedi, SUMS subspecialist in critical care medicine along with SUMS teams of neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, trauma surgery, cardiovascular surgery, general internal surgery, and perfusionists. 
Dr. Ghoddusi stated that the case survived a fatal accident; however, when admitted to Nemazee Hospital, his vital signs were not stable. He was suffering from a head injury, lung contusion and rupture, and complete aortic dissection causing active bleeding in the thorax. Therefore, a cannula was immediately placed in the patient’s femoral vein, and he was put on cardiopulmonary bypass. He then went on a 5-hour surgery. Despite the procedure was highly demanding and complicated, SUMS team successfully carried it out, Dr. Ghoddusi explained.  
According to Dr. Ghoddusi, damage to the thoracic aorta artery or its rupture is the second cause of death in car accidents and falling from a height. In these accidents, the victims with such damages are in unstable conditions and they mostly die on the spot, he added. 
He mentioned that on-time diagnosis and treatment of these injuries is the only way to save the victims’ lives. In addition, he said that considering the patient’s condition, the physician shall choose among the two possible techniques, endovascular and open procedures, to treat the injury at the most proper time.
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