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Conjoined Twins Undergo Initial Phase of Separation Surgery at SUMS Namazi Hospital



The initial stage of a surgical procedure to separate conjoined twin sisters was carried out at SUMS Namazi Hospital. The intricate operation effectively separated the twins' livers, with a multidisciplinary team of physicians and surgeons from various subspecialties of the hospital present.


Leading the procedure was Dr. Ali Bahador, a distinguished pediatric subspecialty surgeon with extensive experience in separating conjoined twins. Dr. Bahador noted the shared pancreas between the sisters and emphasized the need for further analysis to complete the separation process.



Dr. Mehdi Forooghi, another pediatric subspecialty surgeon at Namazi Hospital, highlighted the complexity of the operation compared to the previous cases. The twins were connected at multiple organs, including the liver, intestine, and pancreas. He referred to their young age and added that further operations can only be performed when they are older and after extensive analysis.


Notably, Shirazi doctors had previously achieved success in separating conjoined twins in 2010 and 2013. These children are now living in normal conditions after about a decade, serving as a testament to the tireless dedication and professional competence of the teams involved.

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