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Pioneering Valve Construction Method Claims Top Spot in 2023 CTSNet Innovation Video Competition


Tricuspid Valve Replacement with the Right Atrial Appendage Valve, Dr. Ahmad Ali Amirghofran


The successful implementation of a groundbreaking technique in cardiac surgery was announced at Shahid Faghihi Hospital of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS). This innovative procedure focuses on tricuspid valve construction for congenitally malformed or defective right ventricle outflow tract (RVOT) from the right atrial appendage.


Dr. Ahmad Ali Amirghofran, the Head of Cardiac Surgery Department at SUMS, highlighted the benefits of this pioneering method, and added “rather than using artificial or donor tissues, the patient's own heart tissue is employed in the process, thereby eliminating the side effects of artificial valves or the risk tissue of rejection”. He referred to the creation of heart valves from patients own tissues as a long-held aspiration in the realm of cardiac surgery.


The results of Dr. Amirghofran’ recent study on this innovative technique have been presented at various scientific forums in Iran and across the globe. Notably, a video presentation showcasing this achievement secured the top position in 2023 CTSNet Innovation Video Competition. This prestigious competition serves to acknowledge innovative solutions that address cardiothoracic surgical challenges.


Dr. Amirghofran elaborated on the intricacies of this pioneering approach, maintaining that all phases, from conceptualization to realization, were executed at SUMS. The surgical teams at Shahid Faghihi Hospital perform a substantial volume of complex open-heart surgeries annually, including valve repair, valve replacement, and coronary artery bypass grafting.

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