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General Information on SUMS Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Program




Shiraz School of Medicine, with over 70 years of experience, is one of the oldest Medical schools in the country and well-known internationally. It offers a full range of comprehensive programs in clinical and basic sciences and accepts international students in Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program for the upcoming semester.


Medium of Instruction

The major language of instruction for international Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program at SUMS during the the first two years of the program is English. However, due to the fact that communicating with local patients (in Persian) is an integral part of clinical practice, students must master Persian language skills including speaking, writing and reading prior to the start of the Physiopathology stage, i.e. the 2nd and 3rd year of their studies. Courses are offered in Persian language during the clinical phase. For more detailed information please visit the Persian Language requirement page.


Class Location

Shiraz, Iran.


Duration of the Program

The Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Program at SUMS is an undergraduate program that takes 7 years to complete, that is, 14 semesters and consists of pre-clinical and clinical phases. The first 5 semesters serve as the foundation of basic medical knowledge. The rest of the program comprises Physiopathology, Studentship, Externship and Internship periods, taking 12 months, 12 months, 12 months and 18 months, respectively to complete. From the eight semester training is extended with clinical practice, in which students receive training at the clinical departments and the teaching hospitals. Upon the successful completion of the program the title “Doctor of Medicine” (medical doctor; Dr. Med.) is granted to those who have met all the requirements of the training.



Application Deadline

July 30, 2022


For more detailed information please check the links below:

Tuition Fees and Expenses

Financial Aid and Scholarships




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