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Mr. Lukasz Karol Uliasz 


Prefect of Academy Apitheraphy Medical and Phytotherapy in Warsaw

Polish Association Health, Warsaw, Poland


E-mail Address:

Phone: +48 537 843 330

Address:  Utniki 5, 26-902 GRABÓW NAD PILICĄ, POLAND




I am a Naturopath, a specialist in Complementary Natural Medicine, especially in apitherapy and phythotherapy. I run my own medical practice and at the same time I work at the Prefect of the Academy of Apitherapy and Herbal Medicine. I have published some scientific articles. I study the differences between diseases on the continents to compare therapies.


Research Priorities:

  • International diversity
  • Examining the influence of conditions and temperature on the problems between diseases
  • Apiteraphy
  • Phytotherapy