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First Expo of Medical, Therapeutic, and Health Services, and Health Tourism Runs in Shiraz


Medical, Therapeutic, and Health Services, and Health Tourism Exhibition


At the opening ceremony of the Medical, Therapeutic, and Health Services, and Health Tourism exhibition, held for the first time in Shiraz, Iran, Dr. Hassan Seraj, SUMS Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs (GSIA), declared SUMS strong presence in this event. According to him, Shiraz, the center of healthcare services in southern Iran, hosted the expo so as to introduce the centers offering diagnostic, therapeutic, medical, and healthcare services, promote healthy eating and health-oriented food products, foster a culture of traditional Iranian medicine, develop medical tourism, and stage novel technologies and achievements in medicine. 


During the last 70 years, Shiraz has been the center of medical tourism in the south of Iran and has been offering healthcare services to patients from around the world, especially from the Arab countries lying on the shores of the Persian Gulf, Dr. Seraj added. Considering the expertise of the healthcare professionals and other remarkable capacities of medical facilities providing services in this city, along with the plethora of tourist attractions existing in Shiraz, he believes effective cooperation in the medical industry between Iran and its bordering countries can be initiated through such events. As strengthening collaboration and furthering cooperation with countries across the globe, especially the bordering countries are among Iran's priorities, delegates from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Sirayan, and Pakistan were invited to pay a visit to the exhibition by SUMS. During the exhibition's visiting days, these delegates and the Iranian authorities exchanged ideas about different areas of healthcare services and discussed useful approaches to develop future cooperation in this regard.


Furthermore, the director of international networking and marketing at SUMS Office of the Vice-Chancellery for GSIA and SUMS coordinator for the event, Maryam Daneshmandi, stated that SUMS stalls at the first exhibition of Therapeutic, Medical, and Health Services, and Health Tourism, demonstrated SUMS ability to provide quality healthcare services. SUMS Vice-Chancellery for Food and Drug Affairs, Vice-Chancellery for Treatment Affairs, Vice-Chancellery for Health Affairs, Vice-Chancellery for Research and Technology Affairs, and Vice-Chancellery for GSIA, as well as SUMS Medical facilities, including clinics and hospitals, attended the expo to represent the University and its capacities. SUMS representatives at the exhibition also offered the visitors many counseling services in health areas, such as nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases, family, environmental health, and occupational health. Besides, a mobile dentistry clinic offered free dental visits during the exhibition days from Nov. 23 through until Nov. 26, 2022.

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